Institute/School Management Software Dubai, UAE

Institute/School Management Software Dubai, UAE
It employs a system of centralized management for an institution and keeps academic data secure over the internet. The obtained information is used to that monitor the performance of an education system, manage the distribution and allocate educational resources and services accordingly. This software is implemented to establish a mode of communication between the faculty, students and parents. It serves the purpose of institutions to promote quality education effectively with manageable interfaces and lots of surplus features. The key components of an education system like teachers/staff, students, parents, resources, textbooks are referred to as modules. The Institute Management System Software is necessary for an institution so that it can perform four of these functions - data collection, processing, analysis and reporting. The accumulated reports are later provided to Ministries of Education, researchers, NGOs annually. The best part is that a networked campus is created free of paperwork. Currently, we are developing the software for schools and other institutes in the Emirates of UAE namely Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

What are the features?

Student Information System

Student Information System Development in Abu Dhabi

Attendance Management

  • Categorization of leaves
  • Monitor daily attendance
  • Inform student through SMS if absent

Student Management

  • Section-wise details of students
  • Exams and events scheduling
  • Notifications of exams or events through SMS or E-mail
  • Summarised progress reports and mark lists
  • Forms for enquiry and complaints
  • Maintaining disciplinary and health records
  • Social networking platform
  • Campus recruitment and career guidance programs

Admission and Accounts Management

  • Payment of fees and other transactions
  • Handle accounts with software
  • Admission details including fees exempted
  • Financial aid processing and student accounts/li>

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Softwares in Dubai

  • Maintaining important assets (labs, libraries, sports rooms etc)
  • Monitoring food quality in the canteen
  • Transport management
  • Cloud enabled software
  • Hostel management
  • Management reports for accrediting agencies
  • Maintain an active alumni network for employees and students

Employee Information System

Employee Management

  • Attendance and leave system
  • Details and profile of employees
  • Forms for redressal of grievances
  • Rewards and recognition system
  • Employee development programs
  • Details of insurance, medical and extra benefits
  • Career services management for employees Payroll Management

Payroll Management

  • Organisation of employees by grade pay
  • Software tax calculation
  • Simplified tool for determining salary structure with formulae
  • Generation of paycheck and provisions for verification

ERP/CRM Software for Institute Management

SERP/CRM Software for Institute Management in UAE
ERP and CRM are correlated in a diverse organisation with strong emphasis on its resources and the customer engagement. Integrating these software result in a system which provides access to real-time data, customer relationship reports, easier task management and complete automation of business processes. These are the foundation of any organisation as they forecast potential issues that may arise in the future and provide optimal solutions on how to tackle them. At Nestsoft, we have an experienced team who can set up the ERP software for institutions.

Are There Mobile Applications for Institute Management?

Every institution requires a mobile application for promotional purposes. There will be a huge difference between a company which hosts an application and one which does not. The biggest idea behind an app is to create an experience that is user-friendly and satisfying. Smart phones are taking over the digital sector and mobile applications are the building blocks of these devices. There are multiple platforms on which these apps can be developed to reach out to a larger audience..

Android Applications Deveopment in Ajman

Android Applications

The Android App Development team develops applications which support necessities of clients and their users. They're optimised to be responsive, sleek and easy to use. With the assistance of the open source, the totally customizable platform provided by Google for Android app developers can produce an experience like no other for the users to get before the competition and giving the whole that extra push. The team has the knowledge and experience in developing great Android apps across categories like entertainment, personalization, healthcare, tourism, games, shopping, tutorials, lifestyle and tools. Being one amongst the best mobile app developers in Kerala, we are able to produce anything that you visualise.

Windows Applications Development in Al ain

Windows Applications

Microsoft provides a straightforward, secure, and easy-to-use software system that is incredibly widespread and employed in smartphones, tablets, and computers. Windows phones have been gaining in quality in the recent years. Nestsoft additionally deals with the development of Windows apps. Windows Operating System(OS) is the most generally used OS as a result of its easy nature. We've got access to the most updated resources and innovative technology that are essential for triple-crown implementation and development of mobile applications for the Windows platform. We tend to develop Windows apps with distinctive interfaces that are simple to use and perform exceptionally.

iOS Applications Development in Sharjah

iOS Applications

The Android vs iOS war is still on and the two platforms are trying to be better than the other. We support the development of iOS applications that deliver optimum performance and are user-friendly. iOS Application Development has also emerged to be quite superior for businesses. We have got the required resources and use the newest iOS platforms to provide astonishingly rich iOS apps.